Like A Child


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released May 24, 2013

Written by Everett Mobly, Seth Gleason, and Alyssa Worth
Produced by Dylan Russel
Artwork by Casey Ellis



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EMMA Oklahoma

Tulsa Pop Punk

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Track Name: Running
Let’s get away from here - Let’s leave this town - Everything in life, we haven’t even found - We just need to get away from it all - We might fight along the way - This life we know may seem real small - We’ll never know if we stay - And now we’re running - Running away - Now we’re running from everything - It’s time we hit the road - Just some friends and our guitars - No money, food or gas - Just small venues and bars - We’re running away today, to a better place - We’re going nowhere fast, but at least it’s somewhere - I won’t care if we break down on I-44 - I won’t care when we’re sleeping on your floor - I won’t care if we’re starving every night - I won’t care if we even make it out alive - I’ll just care when it’s all said and done - I’ll just care when there’s nowhere left to run
Track Name: Head and Shoulders
I see through you - I see what you wanna do - I won't wait until you have your chance to strike - You play the victim in this crazy game - I'm so tired so don't expect me to play If you leave me here tonight - I won't pretend to care - If you leave me here tonight - You won't see me again - Don't even bother calling - Because I'm not at home - Don't even bother stalling This ends tonight - Can't you just see that I'm done with running around - Can't you tell I don't hear a word that you say Why can't we just go back to what we were before - Because I'm so sick of it all this time I will not play along
Track Name: Posi?
Friday Fights and a few weeks of pain - Negativity - A fun, stupid game - We’re all addicted to whining and screaming until we notice that everyone’s leaving - Your music is so sad - It makes me want to laugh - You’re just part of a fad - I never want to share it - There is nothing that you do that has real meaning - You’re not helping anyone with all your bleeding Crying over life and death - The sound is taken - And I ‘m just trying to decide to listen to Metallica or Maiden - Sick of everyone and everything - Well, I am too - I don’t want to be around all the stupid stuff you do - I realize you’re not happy, wow, you’re so hardcore - You’re just a stupid, over-abusing attention whore - Making lyrics up is better than what you’re
all about - I don’t ever want to hear it again - It’s not that bad I know - You can’t say ‘I told you so’ - On this road to self-destruction - Can you hear the suction - We’re heading right towards it - The great blackhole - Have mercy on our stupid souls - You say there’s no hope at all - You just hate everything - I just want to say ‘Shut up’
Track Name: Minnesota
I remember way back when - Back when life was simple - And I never had a care - And I lived in Minnesota - Please don‘t go - I won’t - Don’t you leave - I see her over there - The girl of my dreams - Not sure if she sees me How much longer will
it be - I try to impress her - Take my board down the driveway - But I fell and skinned my knee - Hope she didn’t see me Don’t tell mom - My sisters drive me crazy - My brother’s just the same My parents always ground me, like it’s a stupid game - My bestfriend always saves me from everyone around me - And we dress up as heroes - Try to see if we can stay up all night long - Don’t forget - I don’t want to go
Track Name: Red Hair, Green Eyes, Black Heart
She says she cares about me - But she says we can never be - She says she doesn’t want a relationship - Now she’s out with another guy - I never dreamed this is how it would be - In and out - Never moving on - How long can I keep going on like this - Sometimes I feel like I’d rather die - My parents say, ‘It should never be this way, just move on’ - But everyday I just want to see her face and say ‘hi‘ - I can’t move on - She treats my heart like an old chewed up dog toy - Day by day she bring me so much pain and joy - Now I’m fighting with myself again - I don’t want to seem like it’s all about me - But, at times I feel like shouting at the clouds ‘I’m dying here’ - What‘s going on with me - My bestfriend says ‘She deserves to be shot dead’ - I need to move on - But even now that she‘s found every way how to break my heart, I can’t move on - But maybe in time I can move on
Track Name: Year in Misery
There isn't much that's left for me - I gave up on everything that mattered in my life - I packed up and left you behind - I used to be so proud - That's when I fell to the ground - Where are you - This doesn't feel right without you here - Where are you now - This isn't keeping me alive - Where are you - Where are you now - I thought that life would turn around But all I got was more pain and disappointment - Everything I did, I did it all for myself - And that's why I’m stuck wishing I was back where I was before - This was my year - Stuck in misery
Track Name: Slow Song
I tried to fight you away, but all I got was tired arms - I tried to forget the way I felt when you were close to me - I cannot find the words to say to let you know how you make me feel - Because every time I think of you everything else just fades away - I want you, you to know that I need you, that i need you here - What is it about late nights that brings back ghosts inside my head - You don't know what it's like being afraid to open your eyes - Because when I do I just see you
and I feel so empty - I feel so empty inside - I want you, you to know that I need you, that I need you here what is it about being alone that keeps your ghost inside my head - You’re never alone, even when you’re inside the tide - I’ll always be right there with you - I’m always by your side - You’re here to stay, forever on and on - The waters are not so strong, and calmer when we’re gone
Track Name: Goblin Killed My Girlfriend
I’d search this city out and fight a thousand villains for you - I’d use all of my powers and run for hours just to be with you - You are the one that want - You are my queen - My everything - This world has nothing on me and you - Girl next door, you’re the greatest thing in the whole wide world - Oh, gorgeous one, won’t you be my pretty red head girl - She calls me tiger -But I feel so small when she talks to me - I know with this girl will come great responsibility - Where’d this girl come from - She makes me want to just be free - Oh my God, please don’t ever let her leave - The kingpin’s after my head - My girlfriend is dead - Will someone tell me what is wrong with me - I go to sleep alone each night - I need someone to hold me tight - Won’t you be the one for me - I want you - I want to be with you forever and a day - I’ll keep the goblin away
Track Name: Like A Child
When we were young they told us how to live - When we were kids, they told us not sin - But, as we grow we can tell the difference between a bunch of lies and things like 2+2=4 - I am nothing like you - Your hatred all your judgement too
I’m not gonna live my life like that - I just want to be myself, with a better cause than all your health - Please don’t lead me - I don’t want to down your spoon - All I want is for you to leave me inside my room - If I were still a child I would never want to go I would never want to grow - just stay inside from all the cold - If I were still there I would always stay away from all the darkness I could not see - Now you’re like me - I could not ever be different - Your way of life does not make sense - It’s just how it all goes - I never asked for your help - I never wanted out of jail - I just wanted to stay home And now you’re alone I want to feel - I want to live - For the rest of my life I want to give - I hope you can somehow understand - I don’t need you to hold my hand